Coupon Party

Want to learn how to coupon?

Host a Coupon Party!

Starting July 2012

Detroit Metro Area/Ann Arbor Area


We can meet up at your house or a local nearby restaurant (i.e. Panera) depending on how many people you wish to invite


$5 per person
3-5 people minimum, no more than 10 depending on where you want to have it.

I accept cash, check and paypal (
I would like to have all the money before the class starts or in advance (paying by paypal)

Types of Classes:

Coupon 101: The Basics
Learn where to find coupons, organize them, and understanding store policies and sale cycles

Coupon 201: Organize your Shopping Trips!
Ready to shop? Dazzle the cashier and the people behind you as you watch the total drop down to the price you want to pay rather than the price the store wants you to pay! In this class you will learn how to organize your shopping trips so that there are no last minute shuffling (in your binder or in your purse) for coupons. You are prepared! You will know how much money you will be spending at the end of the day!

Coupon 301: Stockpiling (COMING SOON)
Learn how to strategically use coupons to build your stockpile


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