My Services

Saving money shouldn’t cost you a lot of money…

My fee is $15 per week plus the price of the Sunday news paper ($2.00 each). I also have a one time start up fee of $10.

The $10 start up fee goes towards buying your own binder, tabs, and baseball card inserts.

For $15 a week, I will:

  • buy your news papers
  • clip and organize all your coupons via a coupon binder
  • search the sales ads and find the best deals for the items you frequently buy
  • organize the coupons for each store you shop, listing out the items you need and providing you with the coupons to use for that shopping trip
  • create an excel sheet that tracks all of your savings per shopping trip, per month and overall savings for the year (I will need your receipts)

I accept cash, check and paypal ( Please make checks payable to Elvira Rivera.

You can pay me weekly or you can pay me monthly. If you choose to pay me weekly and I do not receive payment for an upcoming week, then I will not buy your papers, organize them and match your coupons with any sales for that week.

If you choose to cancel my service, I will give you the binder that I have created for you with the coupons that I have clipped.

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