Know Your Stores


In the Metro Detroit area, we live in the ‘Land of Doubles’ (coined from the Stockpiling Moms).

  • Meijer’s doubles coupons up to .50 cents. Items must be purchased in sizes and quantities specified. Limit of two identical coupons will double. They accept manufacture coupons from the Sunday paper and they also accept printable coupons.
    • mPerks: Meijer’s offers a FREE program designed/redeem discounts at checkout when entering your unique 10-digit mPerks phone number (your text enabled mobile phone number) and pin. mPerks are e-coupons. They can be store coupons (which can be “stacked” with Manufacture coupons) or they can be manufacture coupons. Note: You cannot use a Manufacture e-coupon with a paper manufacture coupon on one item/product. If you have two the same item, you can use an e-coupon for one and the paper coupon for the other. Note: e-coupons do not double.
      • To add coupons to your mPerks account, simply go to the mPerks website, create a free account with your text enabled mobile phone number. Select the e-coupons you wish to load to your account and then “Add” them to your account.
      • To use your e-coupons: at check out on the credit card machine, you will see a “button” for mPerks. At anytime during the checkout process sign into your mPerks account by entering your mobile phone number and 4 digit pin. The coupons will automatically come off your account and will be used on your current transaction.
      • Be advised, mPerks will send you a text at least once a month with news of new high-valued coupons or current promotions
  • Kroger’s doubles coupons up to . 50cents. Items must be purchased in sized and quantities specified. (From my own personal experience, I have not noticed any limitations as to how many identical coupons will double–unless specified by the coupon. For example, most P&G coupons will limit you to 4 like coupons in one transaction). Kroger accepts manufacture coupons from the Sunday paper and they also accept printable coupons.
    • Digital Coupons: Similar to Meijer’s mPerks, Kroger’s offers digital coupons that can be loaded to your Kroger savings card. Digital coupons are manufacture coupons and they will not double.  You cannot use a digital coupon and a paper manufacture coupons on one item/product. If you are buying two of the same item, you can use one digital coupon for one item and a paper manufacture coupon on the other…as long as you are following the coupon’s guidelines- in sizes and quantities specified.
    • Store Coupons: Kroger does allow you to “Stack”-use a store coupon and a manufacture coupon on the same item (as long as you are purchasing in sizes and quantities specified).
    • SavingStar: Kroger does participate with SavingStar. More information below.
  • KMart doubles coupons up to $1.00- LIMIT 5 coupons per transaction/shopping trip. You must be a Shop Your Way Rewards member and your total shopping purchase must be at least $25. KMart accepts manufacture coupons from the Sunday paper and printable coupons.
  • Target accepts store coupons and manufacture coupons, they also accept manufacture printable coupons. Target does not double coupons.
    • Store Coupons: You can print store coupons from Target’s website here.  Note: Manufacture coupons are mixed in with the store coupons. Not all coupons you print off will be store coupons so be careful.  Target allows you to use one store coupon and one manufacture coupon (“stacking”) for the same item, unless either coupon states otherwise. Items purchased must match coupon description.
    • Mobile Coupons: You can sign up to receive Target coupons to your phone via text messages. Target will text you twice a month about coupons. When you are checking out and you want to use your mobile coupons, just bring up your text message and they will scan the bar code from your phone and it will take off the coupon(s) automatically. To sign up text COUPONS to 827428 (TARGET).
    • The Red Card: Receive an additional 5% off your total purchase by using your Target Red Card. There are two types of Red Card: Debit and Credit Card. DO NOT sign up for the Credit Card (although it’s fine if you want to–be advised there is a 22% APR rate). You WANT to use the Debit Card. The Red Card-Debit is directly linked to your checking account. It is FREE to sign up. You will need a blank check and ID.
      • Bonus: If you shop online via Target’s website and use your Red Card, you will get FREE SHIPPING!
  • Walmart — Walmart accepts manufacture coupons from the Sunday paper as well as printable coupons. They do not double coupons but the do offer overage. For example, if an item is on sale for 1.00 and you have a coupon for $1.25, Walmart will use the .25 cent overage to apply towards your other purchases. I’ve heard that they may give you your overage in the form of a gift card but they will not give you cash back for your overages.
  • CVS — Accepts store coupons (from the Coupon Center aka ‘Magic Coupon Machine’, manufacture coupons and manufacture printable coupons. They do not double coupons.
    • Extra Bucks, use them like free CVS money. You can use them on almost anything. You cannot use Extra Bucks for: prescriptions, alcohol, cigarettes, lotto tickets, money orders, pre-paid cards, postage stamps and gift cards.
      • CVS Beauty Club: CVS will give you $5 Extra Bucks for every $50 you spend on beauty products (cosmetics, hair care products, fragrance, skin care, nail care, beauty tools, hair accessories and appliances)
      • Every quarter CVS will give you 2% of your quarter spending in Extra Bucks (does not include the Beauty Club)
      • Green bag tag: purchase the green bag tag for .99 cents (the little green leaf at the register) add it to your reusable bag (which if you don’t have one you can purchase one for .99 cents). Every time you use your reusable bag with your green bag tag/leaf have the cashier scan it along with your CVS card and every 4th visit, CVS will give you $1 in Extra Bucks. You are limited to one green bag tag use/scan per day per household. The $1 Extra Buck will be printed at the bottom of your receipt and can be used on your next purchase.

      – CVS distributes their own magazine once every quarter. It is called Reinventing Beauty. You will find many store and manufacture coupons inside. The magazine sells for .99cents.

    • CVS participates with SavingStar
  • Walgreens –COMING SOON
  • Rite Aid — COMING SOON We Support Ethical Couponing.


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