My Stockpile

20 Feb


Hi Everyone,

I recently re-organized my stockpile. I had everything in the hallway closet but I started to run out of room so I moved everything to the laundry room downstairs.

The previous homeowner MUST have been a couponer because these shelves were already in place when I got here. There is another storage room in our basement that I am positive that she used for her stockpile. Bless her couponing heart.

My stockpile was a lot bigger last year but I gave a lot of it away for Christmas to my family. I plan on doing it again this year as well as donating to the church.

Keep in mind, this is half my stockpile. This does not include the goodies that I have in my kitchen (cereals, soups, cookies, hamburger helper…etc).

Why do I stockpile?

Basically, the economy sucks and it is not reliable. The past few years for my husband and I were tough financially. Job security is not promised. Being put in that kind of situation is a humbling experience and makes you realize reality.

Bills or food on the table? — is not a question I want to have roll through my mind anymore, especially now that we have a little one to take care of.

Couponing has afforded our family the opportunity to stockpile. Everything in the picture was paid for mere pennies on the dollar.

I hope we never have to go through any more tough financial times but if we do, we will be ready. We won’t be facing the  question of bills or food the next time because we can “shop” from our stockpile and focus all our money on bills for the month.

For the record, I am not a hoarder. Hoarding is bad.  Hoarding is when you have 50 boxes of Kleenex but still wipe your nose with your hand because you don’t want to waste the Kleenex.

I will post more pictures later on as my stockpile grows to show you the progress.


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