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My 27¢

30 Aug

Oh how I love CVS.

This was my shopping trip yesterday:

6 bottles of Essence of Beauty body spary and 1 can of Salema Hyek Nuance Hair Spray. I paid 27 cents for all of it!

CVS e-mailed me a coupon for $3 off any Salema Hyek hair product. There was a $2 off coupon in CVS’s magazine called Reinventing Beauty for any size Salema Hyek product and earlier in the week CVS e-mailed me a coupon for $2 off  a $10 purchase in hair care items.

The can of hair spray retailed for $9.99, it was not on sale. Factor in all those coupons–it brought the price down to $2.99

In the same magazine there were 2 coupons: The first one was for $2.00 off a $10 purchase of Essence of Beauty products,  the second coupon was for $2 off any Essence of Beauty product. CVS e-mailed me a $5 off any fragrance purchase.

I looked around and found these bottles of body spray.

Regular price $2.99 each. If you bought 2 of them then they were 2 for $5. If you used your CVS card they were on sale for Buy 1 get 1 half off (the 2/$5 price).

After the sale, the 6 bottles were $12.25. Coupons brought the price down to $3.25


My grand total was $5.25 plus tax (which was .02 cents!)…so $5.27. I had $5 in Extra I ended up paying 27 cents!



Thank you, coupons AND CVS!


Double Quarter Bucks Rewards at CVS!

30 Aug

Hi Everyone,

You know I LOVE CVS, right? Well, they just gave me another reason why I love them so–

For the next quarter, September 16, 2012 through December 15, 2012 you can earn 4% back in Extra Bucks rewards (It is typically 2%) All In-store and online purchases associated with your ExtraCare card will count towards your rewards.

Please note, as far as I know, they are only doing this for one quarter–I don’t know if they will extend it further so take advantage of it and sign up to get double the bucks!
Go to the following website:
You will need your ExtraCare Card number– if you don’t have one you can sign up for one,  it’s Free!

What are extra bucks? Free CVS Money

You can get them through store promotions, their beauty club, on your birthday, and through quarterly rewards.

Quarterly Rewards: CVS will keep track on how much money you spend at the store (pre-coupons) and then give you 2% back at the end of the quarter in Extra Bucks. For example, I just checked my extra care account online and so far this quarter I spent $357…so if the quarter ended right now, 2% = $7  in Extra Bucks …next quarter if I spend that much —I could get $14 in extra bucks…EXCITING!

So go sign up, it’s for a limited time!



Thank you to @ConsumerQueen and Krazy Coupon Lady for this HIGHLY Valuable information!! =)

Did you know…

27 Aug

You can get FREE SAMPLES from Target’s website?

Simply visit:
There might not be an offer every day but I’ve gotten a few things here and there that I have been saving to donate.

Right now, there’s a free sample for Bear Naked Cereal.

Happy Couponing!

My little stockpile…

27 Aug

Hi Everyone,
I thought I’d show off my little stock pile. I have two: 1 for the groceries and 1 for toiletries.

The top picture is of my hallway closet.

The very top shelf is filled with shampoos/conditioners. They only go as far as 3 deep. I also have some body wash on that shelf.

The second shelf is filled with face wash and shaving gel for Dorian and deodorant for me. As you can tell, I am out of deodorant for Dorian–he’s using his last one right now. I also have some candles and other ‘smell goods’ for the house.

The third self is hand soaps, toothpaste, chap stick, and other feminine products. I reused the Huggie’s wipe containers and filled one of them up with q-tips and the other one with the free samples that I get in the mail.
The last one (that you can see) is where I keep all my medicines, nail polishes, hair dye, cleaning soap for Bella (or our dog) and baby proof items for Emma.


The bottom picture is from our kitchen pantry.

The first two shelves are pretty stocked. The bottom two shelves—not so much. It’s a work in progress. Although it looks full, it’s really on the first row–nothing is really behind them.

My top shelf is filled with ketchup (because if you know my husband, you know he puts a pool of ketchup on his plate for his french fries), Worcestershire sauce, pasta sauces, tomato sauces, and Italian dressing (because I love to marinate my meat in Italian dressing!), and lastly pop-tarts.

My second shelf is filled with various lemonade/kool-aid mix, canned beans for chili, manwhich, and different types of pastas.

I have the third shelf organized the way it is so I can see all the different flavors of Hamburger Helper and Betty Crocker potatoes. There’s also a few bags of rice and a few cans of Campbell’s soup so we can make gravy.

The bottom shelf is filled with snacks for lunches and baking goods (flour, baking soda, condensed/evaporated milk)


So there’s a little glimpse into my couponing life. All of these items were mere pennies on the dollar–seriously–thanks to coupons! Saving money here puts more money in other places in our grocery bill–such as meat, fresh produce, DIAPERS, dog food.

Happy Couponing!

Couponing for the Kids!

25 Aug

My local church has joined forces with Heartland Health Care Center in helping the community by purchasing school supplies to STUFF A BUS! Heartland is working with St. Francis Cabrini, St. Sebastian, and Our Lady of Angels.

My church has asked for donations to help ‘stuff the bus’ so I grabbed my coupon binder and headed on over to Target this morning.

I was able to snag 8 packs of 24 count Roseart crayons, 3 packs of 24 count of crayola crayons, 2 packs of Bic pens (10 count), 2 packs of Papermate pens (10 count), and 2 Scotch tapes all for a whopping $1.30 after coupons!!!

Couponing for the kids…saving money and helping out the community– a great combination!


Happy Couponing!





My Shopping List for CVS this week!

24 Aug

Hi Everyone,

I LOVE CVS! It is one of my absolute favorite stores to shop at. CVS loves me in return because they are always sending me coupons via e-mail and I take advantage of those store coupons, match them up with manufacture coupons, and extra bucks and I am walking out the store with items that were merely pennies on the dollar–no joke!

I will be making two transactions today…two transactions, not two trips. I tell the cashier that I would like to do two transactions and they are fine with it. (The staff know me, they know how I shop and call me the coupon queen (hmm, has a ring to it 😉 )

Before I even start shopping, I have $12 in Extra Bucks saved from previous shopping trips. I JUST got an e-mail today from CVS with a coupon for a $4 off a $20 purchase, I have a CVS coupons (from an earlier e-mail this week) for 20% off any beauty purchase, I have CVS coupon for a FREE travel-sized CVS brand sunscreen (just for liking their Minute Clinic on Facebook) and a CVS coupon for a FREE UNReal Candy that CVS is launching this year. I happen to check my Extra Care account online via the and they gave me another $5 in Extra Bucks to use –YES! (Making it a total of $17 in extra bucks to use on whatever I want in the store)

So with those coupons ready to be put to good use, here’s what I am planning to do:

Transaction #1:

CVS is running a promotion, if you spend $30 on select Bounty, Charmin, Duracell and Puffs tissue then you will get $10 in extra bucks back…Well, we are in need of toilet paper and batteries for all of Emma’s toys so here’s what I am getting:

2 Charmin Toilet Paper Ultra Soft double roll -16pk on sale for $9.99each

x    2


– $1.00 coupon


2- 8pk AA Duracell Batteries


– $1.00 coupon


Before coupons, I have spent $32 which means I will get $10 Extra Bucks at the end of my transaction.

My final total after manufacture coupons is $29.98



– $4.00 (using the $4 off a $20 purchase)

-$17.00 in Extra Bucks
$8.98 my price before tax AND I am going to be getting $10 in EXTRA BUCKS BACK

But let me figure out tax..

My total is $8.98

+ $1.92 tax (they will tax me for the full price of everything before all the coupons)

$10.89 AND I am getting $10 in Extra Bucks!!  NICE.

Transaction #2

CVS has another Extra Buck promotion for the Dove shampoo/condition, Men’s Body Wash and select deodorants. If you spend $15 worth of the selected products, you will get $5 in Extra Bucks back.

Dove Hair Care is on sale for 2 for $6

I am going to get 3 Shampoos and 3 Conditioners for $18


– $9.00 coupons (I have three $3.00 off 2 manufacture coupons)

$9.00 (making all six bottles $1.50 each)

2 Garnier Herbashine Hair Color


x     2

– $4.00 coupons

$7.98 (making them $3.99 each)

I am going to get my Free CVS travel sized sun screen and my free UNReal candy bar

This is how it’s going to go down…

$29.28 total (before coupons and tax)

– $5.99  — 20% off on any beauty purchase CVS coupon
-$9.00 in Dove coupons
– $4.00 in Garnier coupons
+1.75 tax

– $10.00 in Extra bucks from the first transaction that I did

$2.04 is my price PLUS I am getting $5 in extra bucks back for buying $15 worth of Dove products

I will be paying $12.93 for $61 worth or product–THANK YOU COUPONS!

Let me know if you have any questions


My Kroger Shopping List for this week!

23 Aug

Hi Everyone,

I thought I’d share with you my grocery list for Kroger to help you get a better idea on how to use coupons with store sales/promotions.

Kroger has a great “Buy 10 items get $5 off instantly” promotion this week–keep in mind all the items I am getting with the exception of the Dial hand soap, are items that are included in this promotion. I strictly stayed on the items that were in the promo and matched them up with coupons to get the best price.

**Everything listed on here I will use and not waste. I am not buying things just because they are cheap…I am buying them because they are at a price I willing to pay and add to my frig/cupboards/pantry or donate. **

There is the sale price and a promotional price. The current promotion is buy 10, save $5. If you buy items in the promotion then you pay the promotion price, not the sale price (the promo price is cheaper than the sale price). I’ve included the sale price for your reference but the promotional price is what I am getting (before coupons).

5 Fiber One Chewy Bars

$2.49 sale price

$1.99 each promo price (with Kroger card)
x      5


– $5.00 coupon (I have a five –0.50 cent coupon that doubles to a $1)

$4.95 my price (making it .99 cents each)

5 Men’s Speed Stick Deodorant

$1.99 Sale Price

$1.49 promo price (with Kroger card)
x      5

-$5.00 coupons ( I have five $1.00 off coupons)

$2.45 my price (making it .49 cents each)

6 Ragu Pasta Sauce

$1.68 Sale Price

$1.18 promo price (with Kroger card)
x      6


– $2.40 in coupons (I have three .40 cent off coupons that will double to .80 cents)
$4.68 my price (making it .78 cents each)

2 Tyson Chicken Nuggets

$4.49 Sale Price

$3.99 promo price (with Kroger card)

x       2

– $1.50 in coupons (I have two .75 off coupons)  *note, Kroger only doubles coupons up to .50 cents*
$6.48 my price (making it $3.42 each)

5 Betty Crocker Potatoes

$1.49 Sale Price

. 99 cents promo price (with Kroger card)
x  5
$4.95 my price (there were no coupons for these, which is sad because normally there are…but this is still a good price)

5 Progresso Recipe Starters

$1.99 Sale Price

$1.49 promo price (with Kroger card)
x      5

– $5.00 (I have five .50 coupons that double to a $1)
$2.45 my price (making them .49 cents each)

6 Marie Callender’s Pot Pies

$2.38 Sale Price

$1.88 promo price (with Kroger card)
x      6
$11.28  my price (there were no coupons for these this time around but that’s okay, it’s still a good price!)

6 Creamette Pasta

$1.19 Sale Price

.69 cents promo price (with Kroger card)
x  6
$4.14 my price (there were no coupons for this but it’s a great price)

5 Dial Hand Soap

.88 cents Sale Price

x 5

– $3.50 in coupons (I have five .35 cent coupons that double to .70 cents)
$ 0.90 cents my price (making them .18 cents each!)

my projected total should be :

+ .71 cent tax


Let me know if you have any questions…I will be posting my shopping list for CVS later today.




Free Stuff!

21 Aug

Hi Everyone–

Free Shirt!
Today is Free Apparel Tuesday at your local Sears Outlet Store. If you haven’t already, please go to their facebook page and “LIKE” them. You will then see the coupon for your ONE free item (You must be a shop your way rewards member–if you are not a member, don’t worry it’s easy and free to sign up).

Free Unreal Candy at CVS!

Be sure to “LIKE” CVS on Facebook and get your coupon for your FREE UNReal candy bar. UNREAL is the new candy that CVS is coming out with. I’ve tried it before and it’s actually really good. You must be an Extra Care member to get your coupon- HAVE YOUR CVS CARD READY. Coupon quantities are limited so HURRY UP and get your coupon!


Be sure to also “LIKE” CVS Beauty Club on Facebook because they are also offering a 20% off all beauty items–INCLUDING SALE items (which is rare!). You must be an Extra Care member for this also. HAVE YOUR CVS CARD READY!

It’s a great week for couponing…Meijer’s has their 10/$10 deal going on right now and Kroger has a really good promotion going on.

If you have any questions–EMAIL ME. Remember, I also do Coupon Parties/Classes! Let me know if you are interested.


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